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Volunteers depend on you.  You can depend on CAVA.  

Our community programs and services need our dedicated volunteers.  If you organize a volunteer force to accomplish a mission, consider a CAVA membership. 

A CAVA membership will keep you up to date on local, regional and national issues impacting the profession of volunteer engagement, and will allow you to add your voice to our network.  Your membership demonstrates that you are a serious professional dedicated to enhancing volunteer programs.  

2023 CAVA membership runs January-December 2023.  

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What is included in your CAVA Membership? 

Free access to monthly CAVA Skill Builders

  • Skill Builders are typically held at 8:30am on the first Thursday of the month. 

  • The first 15 minutes are reserved for networking, the skill builder content will begin at promptly 8:45am.

  • A professional speaker,  respected colleague, panel of special guests, or a round table discussion will provide professional development on a different topic at each meeting, helping you to continue to grow your skill set.  

  • Skill Builders are an opportunity to connect with peers in your field.  They provide time to share input or to help you to solve your issues on targeted topics each month. 

Two annual networking events 

  • Whether it's our CAVA Java to kick off the year, or a mid-year brain-break meeting,  you'll enjoy hanging out with your peers in a casual setting that allows connections and conversations.  

  • Past events have included CAVA Java at Taste of Belgium, a park picnic at Parky's Farm and happy hours in Overt-the-Rhine. 

Discounted pricing on Essentials of Volunteer Management (EVM)

  • CAVA's EVM seminar is a two -day comprehensive overview of Volunteer Management.

  • This training provides more concentrated opportunities for attendees to share ideas and  network, as well as offering a combination of lecture and interactive discussion and team activities. 

  • The training is great for those that are new to the field,  just  need a refresher, or is in your CAVA group membership that works with volunteers. 

Flexible Group Membership 

  • ​Group membership is open to unlimited members of your organization. 

  • In-person meetings can be attended by up to 5 members of your team, based on what interests them! There is no limit for online meetings.

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